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What is the difference between the official account and the official account of WeChat? Official acc

Only a short while ago, every kind of credit has been occupied for several years. The market has been rapidly occupied by the market. It has hundreds of millions of users in the whole country. But WeChat has gradually become the most popular tool for young people to chat. But then the official account of WeChat has become slow and popular, and various advertisements are beginning to fill up. The official account official account has official account official account. Who will replace WeChat public number in the next era? No doubt Tencent has launched the public button number. How much do you know about the QQ public number? What is the difference between the public official account and the WeChat public number? Will there be any internal conflict as the two similar products developed by Tencent?

QQ public platform will be open for registration at 2 pm tomorrow. It is estimated that many we media operators stay up all night and rush to register their accounts.

QQ official account address: (starting at 2 p.m. tomorrow)

Something about the QQ official account.

1, QQ official account has strict requirements for ID, and no duplication is allowed, but account names can be repeated.

2. Individuals can only register subscription numbers, while enterprises can register subscription numbers and service numbers.

3, QQ public number also has the relevant authentication mechanism, do not know whether the personal number can be certified, after all, the official account has not been approved through examination, can not view and operate.

4. One ID card and one mobile phone number can only register 5.

5. The subscription number is likely to be folded and a message will be sent every day. The service number is unlimited and controlled by the system.

Then complete and wait for audit.

Can QQ public accounts seize the wechat public market? What's the difference?

Wechat and QQ are two of Tencent's heavyweight products. Both the user group and the function have many similarities. But you will obviously find that, in terms of product temperament, wechat is more business oriented, while QQ is more entertainment oriented.

The official account of QQ should be bundled and linked up by QQ series, and form a combination of'QQ+QQ space +QQ group +QQ public number + tribal interest + enterprise QQ'to enhance the market of young people after 95. From the perspective of communication tools, if QQ is the second, who dares to be the first? Its massive user base and activity are unmatched. QQ space is the main camp of self-expression after 95 and 00, and QQ group is invincible in real-time collective communication. QQ tribe has the energy to fight against Baidu Post Bar, and the tribe of Xiaomi mobile phone has attracted tens of millions of attention.

Before the exposure of QQ public platform, QQ actually had a product called 'life service number'.

QQ's life service number is the same as WeChat's official account. The company promotes the "two-dimensional code" life service number, and users get the service through dialogue. At present, QQ has a greater chance of covering the local life service market. When WeChat has already done business operation, QQ official account may want to make breakthroughs in life service operation.