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Samsung galalxy S6 battery can't be disassembled price black out Xiang plastic Dafa face blind

Sihai science and technology channel, January 20 - South Korean media recently revealed that Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge will not use all metal body, so the non removable battery means that Samsung Galaxy S6 can not use oppo r1c sapphire glass back shell. Although Samsung will lose many old users due to the non detachable battery, Samsung Galaxy S6 still goes further and further on the huge price performance gap of mobile phones.

In recent years, the Samsung Galaxy mobile phone, which has implemented the plastic Dafa, has reached the degree of face blindness. The failed user experience not only makes consumers have no purchasing power, but also matches with the huge shortcomings of Samsung mobile phone in material, system, reaction speed and power consumption. More than 90% of netizens label Samsung Galaxy S6 as garbage. Fortunately, though Samsung's mobile phone, which has a screen frame that doesn't fit and floats up and down, doesn't use an all metal body. Considering the price of Samsung's low-end Galaxy A-Series heichuxiang, once the galaxy S6 adopts an all metal shell, the price will be even more outrageous.