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Why does Qihoo 360 launch haosou brand? The mission of haosou 360 will be achieved!

Just after zero, after the 'search' of 360 navigation home page, the page jumps to , the name is displayed as' haosou ', and a new logo is enabled.

In terms of functions, haosou is equipped with seven functions, namely, ghost mirror, peace of mind shopping, conscience doctor, touch word search, peripheral number, kaleidoscope and talk with you. The first one is "touch word search" adapted to mobile terminal.

It is reported that 360 will officially launch haosou tomorrow (January 6)( ), original domain name( )It can continue to be used.

360 push independent brand 'haosou': strengthen mobile search recognition

According to the news of Tencent Technology (Lotte) on January 5, Qi Xiangdong, President of 360 company, issued an email to his partners today, announcing that 360 search, which has been born for more than two years, will officially launch its own independent brand, haoso.

When talking about why this product is called "haosou", Qi Xiangdong said that the launch of the independent brand "haosou" is to provide a broader development space for 360 search business, and 360's aura in the security field even covers the search business.

'we launched the independent brand & lsquo; haosou & quot;, in order to give search greater liberation and more independent space. At the same time, the independent brand of "haosou" is launched to make 360's search business adapt to the development needs of the mobile Internet era. '

Qi Xiangdong said that in the mobile environment, a distinctive brand name and image logo can help users choose to use and remember. "Mobile search is the trend in the future, and haosearch brand is born for mobile. '

'strictly speaking, the birth of & lsquo; haosou & quot; is not a brand name change. It's like raising a child. When he was a child, his family first gave him a friendly nickname and called it at will. Now that the child has grown up and wants to travel in a wider world, he needs to have a formal name. A proper name makes sense. '

360 claims that with the launch of independent brands, haosou carries seven kinds of weapons, including zhaoyaojing, anxintou, conscience doctor, touch search, peripheral number, kaleidoscope and Xintan, to promote the overall search brand value.

Qi Xiangdong also said that what he hopes to dispel everyone's doubts is that 360 will devote the whole company's efforts to provide support for haosou in the future.

Why does 360 launch "haosou"?

When the old and the new are handed over, the internal open letters of the giants can't stop for a moment. This evening, Qi Xiangdong, President of 360, sent an email to all the internal staff, saying that he would launch the independent search brand "haosou" tomorrow.

Qi Xiangdong said in the email that the existing 360 search is no different from competitors in all aspects, and the only weakness is the brand. 360 is a security brand, and search can't just stay at this level. The launch of "haosou" is intended to make up for this weakness.

'with independent brands and first-class search experience, we are confident that in the next two years, the PC search share will grow to 40% and the mobile search share will reach 30%; our long-term goal is to become the first search brand in China. 'Qi Xiangdong said.

Haosou e-mail is 360's second internal letter at the end of the year. The first one was on the evening of December 24, 2014, when Zhou Hongyi, chairman of 360, issued "why does 360 make a mobile phone". In 2014, 360 has been in a semi silent state, and the pace of performance growth tends to be slow. Mobile phone and search are its high expectations in 2015, but the competition between these two fields is also extremely fierce.

The following is the full text of the internal letter:

All of you

Tomorrow, January 6, 2015, you will witness another important moment in 360's history. 360 search will officially launch its independent brand haoso( ), original domain name( )It can continue to be used.

Hao (three tones) is a good way to do good deeds; sou (one tone) is a search to the end.

Many colleagues can't help asking: 360 search has been developing well in the past two years. Why should we launch the independent brand of 'haoso'? Yes, 360 search's market share has been rising all the way, the commercialization process has been greatly promoted, the search experience is no longer different from that of its competitors, and innovative functions have been continuously launched, which has accumulated good user reputation and customer satisfaction.

At this moment, we launched the independent search brand, haosou, precisely because after two years of efforts, our search experience has been rapidly improved in terms of accuracy, richness and security. We are not inferior to our competitors in search experience, and even better than our competitors in some aspects. In this case, our only weakness is the brand. The previous 360 search is strictly a business name, not a brand name.

After years of development, 360 has firmly occupied the position of the first safety brand in China, which is profound and unshakable. And our search business can not only stay at the current level, there is a vast ocean waiting for us to conquer in the future, which will inevitably require more independent brand image and personality. We launched the independent brand "haosou", which aims to advance to the goal of China's search first at full speed. So, strictly speaking, the birth of "haosou" is not a brand name change. It's like raising a child. When he was young, his family first gave him a friendly nickname and called it at will. Now that the child has grown up and wants to go to a wider world, he needs to have a proper name. A proper name means a smooth word.

Our goal is to continue to expand our achievements in the PC search market and accelerate our development in the field of mobile search. In order to get a place in the field of mobile search, we must create first-class search experience, first-class content and first-class service, all of which must have an independent brand, so that users can form a strong cognition. With independent brands and first-class search experience, we are confident that in the next two years, the PC search share will grow to 40% and the mobile search share will reach 30%; our long-term goal is to become the first search brand in China.

So, why is it called "good search"?

If you help the old man cross the road, she may fall down and miss you. If you return the wallet to the owner, he may suspect you are a thief. In the final analysis, the normal operation of society is the trust between people.

When we launch haosou, we want to build a search brand that users trust. Why is search so good? Some search engines abuse the trust of users, leaving behind the ancient Chinese saying that "gentlemen love money and get it right.". We do independent brand search, is to do 'unrighteous and rich and expensive, to me like floating clouds. '

Looking at the global search market, except for China, no search engine ranking second can exceed 30%. We did it because no matter how much money the No.1 search engine made, we are not envious and always insist on doing good things. We are the first search engine to promise full compensation for fraud, the first to introduce good doctor search, and the first to reject false medical advertisements. 0 good search, good search engine, it is necessary to return to the original heart. Reagan, the former president of the United States, once said: it's not gun killing, it's human killing. Search engine is an important entrance to the Internet. If the gun is held in the hands of good people, it is a tool to provide accurate and convenient information for users; if it is held in the hands of evil people, it is a weapon to provide users with false medical treatment and fraudulent promotion information to seek ill gotten gains.

This is the origin of "good search" -- good search, don't do bad things!

We launched good search because the search was good or not, and the users has the final say. A good search is a good search. We will continue to promote the innovation of product functions, to make good products that users praise with a thumbs up, to make new functions that make users scream, and to create a "haosou" that really meets users' habits and needs in the mobile environment, which is more convenient and easier to use. Let haosou shine in the era of mobile Internet and become the favorite mobile search of 600 million mobile Internet users.

The Internet era is the era of user first. I hope that the five words "serving the people" are not only engraved on the company's logo wall, but also written into the hearts of 360 colleagues.

Doing a good job in search and serving the people is our unswerving mission.

2015, haosou, mission will be achieved!