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Rich and willful Microsoft Xbox one special price 3199 Yuan send Le run Bracelet science and technology channel, December 3 - the rich Microsoft officially launched the "perfect" two-year store promotion in China's official mall this morning. In this unprecedented preferential activity, the Xbox one on December 11 has a special price of 3199 yuan, and the users who buy it will also receive a happy running bracelet with a value of 299 yuan. This activity is also considered by industry analysts as the last move of Microsoft Xbox one in China at the end of the year. However, in view of the lessons learned from the disastrous ending of Sony's PS2 in the Chinese market, the industry generally looks down on the prospects of Microsoft's Xbox one. More users said on microblogs and forums that what Microsoft should do is not to cut prices and promote sales, but to focus on solving the root cause of the problem that standard applications such as "blockbuster" can't be used in China.