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Ma Yun, Yu Yongfu and Guo Degang, mobile travel of Deyun club or traditional crosstalk app

Sihai science and technology channel, December 1 - this afternoon, netizen @ pipiwang exposed a photo of a meeting between Guo Degang, the leader of Deyun society, and Yu Yongfu, the president of Alibaba UC mobile business group. The photo was then wildly forwarded by netizens. From the photo, the two people who experienced mobile games had a good talk. Later, whether Deyun will cooperate with Alibaba UC to develop mobile games has become a hot topic for netizens. UC mobile business group, which has just been included in Alibaba's game business, is also considered by industry analysts that it will cooperate with Guo Degang and Deyun to develop original games or products related to traditional crosstalk, with the purpose of earning greater commercial value for both sides when the era of copyright is coming. However, until the time of publication, neither Deyun nor UC made an official statement.