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It's not the first time that airbnb provides accident insurance benefits

As an extremely meticulous accommodation website, airbnb not only contacts tourists who want to stay and those who want to rent vacant rooms, but also provides them with extremely meticulous services. Recently, the news that airbnb provides accident insurance is not uncommon. Long ago, airbnb began to be considerate.

From January 15, 2015, American landlords on airbnb can enjoy accident insurance and a $1 million landlord protection plan. When the landlords' houses are damaged or their properties are lost, they can apply for accident compensation.

As early as 2012, airbnb will work with the New York government and the mayor to provide one-to-one housing sharing services for hurricane victims, with no charge from the homeowners. Airbnb has received more than 20000 housing requests, all from hurricane hit areas, the most short-term rental request it has ever met. There are 2500 requests for housing in a minute during rush hour.