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Samsung Galaxy note edge Hong Kong Bank's high price purchasing on behalf of customers

According to Sihai technology on November 18, although Samsung Galaxy note edge will be on sale in Hong Kong in three days at a price of more than 6000 yuan, this curved screen mobile phone with snapdragon 805 processor and mainly equipped with Samsung Galaxy note 4 is not favored by buyers in Hong Kong; Higher than the price of the same version (64g) of Apple's iPhone 6 plus, buyers can't help showing more or less hesitation.

Samsung Galaxy note edge's landing on the domestic market is far away, but most buyers have expressed their strong interest in the machine. Because edge, which is fully compatible with WCDMA / TD-SCDMA / TD-LTE and FDD LTE networks, can be used in 3G / 4G networks in Hong Kong and the mainland, it is this selling point that has led to a large number of orders from purchasing agents.

To borrow a netizen's saying: "the one who bought this mobile phone is either mentally handicapped or local tyrant. '