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Toshiba's transformation from it industry into a farmer takes you into Japan's advanced biotechnolog

Toshiba's screen, but we must have heard about the laptop first. However, it is this standard it high-tech company that has now spent a lot of energy as a farmer and planted fresh vegetables. At the same time, we can see that Japan's biotechnology is really developed.

Yokosuka, Japan, built Toshiba's first vegetable base. The vegetables here are completely free of pesticides and pesticides, so the vegetables here can be eaten directly without cleaning.

。 Toshiba's vegetable factory is a high-tech vegetable production base: the base contains advanced sunlight equipment, which can adjust the appropriate wavelength according to the needs to ensure the best growth of plants. In addition, there is a professional air conditioning system, which can maintain the stability of temperature and humidity in the base.

Managers can monitor the internal conditions of the vegetable base in real time through remote control, and adjust the internal environmental parameters of the base if necessary. Because the inside of the base is completely sterile, the pesticide is also used.

Toshiba's establishment of such a high-tech vegetable production base, on the one hand, can meet the needs of urban residents for fresh, healthy and organic vegetables, on the other hand, it also brings a considerable profit for its own company: it is estimated that the annual profit from the sale of such vegetables is about 3 million US dollars.