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Why does such a rich Xiaomi have to raise 1 billion yuan? The real intention of taking you into Lei

Xiaomi is a local tycoon now, but why does Lei Jun have to raise $1 billion for the content industry? Today, we will go into Xiaomi's financial world through this Xiaomi financing, and reveal Lei Jun's real intention.

According to the latest documents, Xiaomi's net profit increased by 84% in 2013, reaching 3.46 billion yuan, exceeding the 1.88 billion yuan in 2012. Revenue doubled year on year to 27 billion yuan. This year, the net profit of Xiaomi's smartphone sales is expected to exceed 60 million. From all aspects, Xiaomi is not short of money, so why does Xiaomi need a new round of financing?

In fact, in the final analysis, Millet's money has been spent, and all spent on the surface.

First of all, Xiaomi domestic aspect, Chen Tong joined to spend a lot of money.

Secondly, Xiaomi has also carried out international expansion in India and other places this year, and has made a series of domestic investments around the Xiaomi ecosystem, including US $200 million in shares in Xunlei, tens of millions of US dollars in leading investment in building block boxes, and shares in jinshanyun, etc.

Finally, with Xiaomi's smartphone sales accounting for the top five in the world, and its expansion of tablet, TV, box and other businesses, Xiaomi has recruited Chen Tong to strengthen its content operation ability and seek core breakthroughs in the field of TV and tablet. It all takes money.

But in the final analysis, Lei Jun is learning from Ma Yun's strategy, constantly raising funds to strengthen himself, making himself a company worth more than 100 billion US dollars, and then listing in the United States to become a real leader.