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Jingdong prepares for the "double 11" campaign to launch a gun on Taobao. Fake goods are Taobao's fa

While Ma Yun's Taobao is successful, it also gets the nickname of e-commerce platform with the most fakes, which is why Ma Yun has been working hard to develop tmall in recent years. In recent days, Jingdong has begun to canvass for itself with actions, and at the same time, it has also dealt a blow to tmall.

On November 1, Haidian, Beijing, you can exchange fake goods for Jingdong 11.11 coupons. Last time, it was enough ','trade fake for real'. These slogans seem to prick Taobao's face like needles

The theme of this year's Jingdong double 11 activities not only finds the pain points of netizens, but also has considerable directivity and aggressiveness. From "fast" to "true", JD's double 11 strategy is becoming more and more fierce. The animal war in China's electricity business is becoming more and more wonderful. Are you ready to accept Taobao?