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Apple CEO Xiao Xianrou's boyfriend tweeted to thank his Asian American boyfriend for his resemblance

Apple's Chinese American boyfriend finally appeared on twitter! Apple CEO Xiao Xianrou's boyfriend publicly voiced his thanks on the social network for cook's coming out. Cook's boyfriend's education and background are also very prominent! I don't know what it's like to be together? And some netizens joked that cook's new boyfriend looks like Wang Xiaofei. What do you think?

according to Taiwan media reports, Tim Cook, Apple's chief executive, has never admitted his sexuality before he wrote a letter to the magazine on the 30th. After the news of Cook's coming out, it was even spread that his' gossip boyfriend 'was Benjamin Ling, an Asian American Silicon Valley consultant. This' boyfriend' also tweeted to thank cook for disclosing his sexuality.

cook's boyfriend's identity revealed

Benjamin Ling, 37, is not only handsome, but also has a PhD in Information Engineering from Stanford University. He has held important positions in Facebook, Google and other companies. He is currently a consultant of Khosla ventures, a Silicon Valley venture capital company. He wrote 'thank you @ Tim' in his twitter on the 30th_ Cook for speaking up), and mark cook's Twitter account.

In addition, Cook said in a public statement, "I am very proud that I am gay. I think this is a gift from God.". However, his public appearance has also worried many people that some Taoists may start to oppose the use of Apple products. According to the daily mail, Russian politician Vitaly milonov expressed his opposition to cook, saying that he would bring AIDS, Ebola virus and gonorrhea. He even suggested that Russia ban cook from entering the country.