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OK go rock band's latest MV brings the strongest single wheel electric car square dance in history

The collision of rock and technology can always produce sparks of light and color. Lincoln Park had a wonderful chemical reaction with transformers. Today, OK go rock band has more thoroughly integrated technology elements into its new song MV. Countless single wheel electric vehicles, a large group of beautiful girls in miniskirts and four handsome guys have formed the MV of the new single I won't let you down.

After watching the video, many netizens would like to know what's sacred about this cool one wheel electric car. In fact, it's the famous Honda u3-x, which can not only move back and forth, but also move left and right. It is a single wheel bicycle powered by lithium battery. Its shape is similar to '8'. The owner can adjust the driving direction of the bicycle by tilting his body.

Is this u3-x very difficult to control?

U3-x comes from Honda's own balance control technology. It can move freely in all directions, just like human walking. It uses the upper body to control the operation of the device. The moving wheel looks like a big wheel, but it is actually made up of a series of small wheels. It weighs 22 pounds, uses electric motors, uses lithium-ion batteries, and lasts about an hour.