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Underwear that can fart anytime, anywhere is on sale in Japan, but it's not so perfect

For many friends with bad stomachs and indigestion, fart has always been a problem for them. Especially between lovers, what an embarrassing thing it would be if you put a gas bomb in your quilt. Recently, anti odor fart underwear developed in the UK has been sold in Japan. The price of 4000-7500 yen (about 227-426 yuan) is acceptable to many consumers.

This kind of odor absorbing fabric contains zorflex, an active carbon material used in chemical warfare anti-virus clothing, which can filter the odor 200 times stronger than ordinary fart. It is a good news for patients with digestive disorders. But at the same time, it also has disadvantages. It can filter out the smell of fart, but the sound of fart can't be filtered out.