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Check the luxury accessories you haven't heard of before. If you say that iPhone 6 is a local tyrant

In Chinese people's impression, those who use iPhone 6 and iPhone plus are local tyrants. Is it true that drawing more than 5000 yuan to buy a mobile phone is a local tyrant? In fact, there are many luxury accessories in the world that you have never heard of, such as sapphire, diamond and gold.

Microsoft veaka is the first choice of local tyrants

After the acquisition of Nokia, Microsoft has made a big move again. It is about to launch a super local mobile phone with the international luxury jewelry giant, that is, the veaka mobile phone. The fuselage of the mobile phone can be described as extremely luxurious. It not only has 20K gold edge, but also uses Sapphire as the screen material, which is the fighter in the local tyrant.

Only u tuhao series uses 800 processor, frequency reaches 2.3ghz, resolution reaches 2K (2560 * 2048), PPI reaches the highest level of 669 in the industry, which is enough to ensure that users can surpass the most advanced intelligent models on the market in configuration. The price is still to be determined.

Gresso radical, the art of a big square

The Nokia smart phone, which looks like the old model, sells for $2500, or 15560. The best part is that the shell is made of grade 5 titanium metal after 9 hours of polishing, which looks like a future fighter.

At the same time, in terms of screen, the gorilla screen after special processing is adopted. But the configuration is a bit shabby, with a 4.5-inch medium-sized screen, a 1.2GHz quad core processor, a ppi245 screen, and a camera with only 8 megapixels.

Lamborghini cell phone, sports car or sports car?

The price is $4000, about RMB 24900. It is produced by TONINO Lamborghini, a luxury jewelry factory under Lamborghini. It will be equipped with a 4-inch touch screen covered with gorilla glass. The screen resolution is 960 & times; 540 pixels, with a built-in 1.5GHz quad core processor, 1GB of running memory and 32GB of storage space. There is no bright spot in the configuration.

But the gimmick of this model is all hand-made, the stainless steel shell is made by hand, with leather back panel, the shape is very split. It's the first choice for landlords who own a Lamborghini.

Mobile phones worth millions

Savilli Jardin secret: this mobile phone, which is nearly over a million, is inlaid with 395 broken diamonds. On the body, all kinds of precious materials are used, including 18k rose gold, lizard skin, and even ceramics. Even the ring tone in the mobile phone is customized by the famous DJ of France, which is definitely the first choice of a black sheep.