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Apple Samsung flagship mobile phone competition in September between note3 and iPhone 6 plus

September is definitely the feast of the mobile phone world. The heavy attack of Apple 6 has made Samsung panic. The early launch of note4 has already explained everything. But now the only mobile phone market can compete with the iPhone 6 plus is Samsung's note3. So today, we'll make a big comparison from the appearance of everyone's attention to see which of the two 'big Shields' is better.

Although the two phones have a 5.5-inch screen, the appearance is quite different. From the front, the Apple 6 plus is more mellow, while the Samsung note3 is a bit stiff.

On the back, the aluminum case of the iPhone 6 plus is smooth and clean, while the leather back cover of Samsung's note3 is more secure, which can not only shock absorption, but also prevent the possibility of hand slipping off the phone.

From the side, the two mobile phones are very shallow, and the iPhone 6 plus is even better. But whether such a shallow operation will affect the feel of Apple 6 is a matter of different opinions.

There's nothing on the iPhone 6 plus above, while Samsung's note3 has headphone holes.