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When Windows 7 was not popularized in China, it was very embarrassing for windows 9 to appear in Win

According to foreign media reports, the source revealed that although Microsoft will hold a Windows Conference on September 30, the preview version of windows 9 will not be launched at the same time. The official launch date will be in October.

On September 16, Microsoft sent an invitation to the media, announcing that the company would hold a press conference in San Francisco on September 30. According to the invitation letter, Microsoft will present the next generation of windows system at the conference, and enterprise users will be the focus of attention. According to a report from the technology blog winsupesite, developers will not be able to get a preview of windows 9 until October.

Previously, screenshots of windows 9 and Related videos have been exposed. Rumor has it that the latest version of windows has added a new 'start' menu, virtual desktop features and a unified notification center. Microsoft is also expected to make changes to its desktop user interface to improve traditional icons, as well as some changes to the toolbar to prepare for future integration of Cortana and virtual desktop.

In addition, Microsoft has created a new feedback application for windows 9 to facilitate users to submit feedback information in time. There will be many new design changes and new functions in the technical preview version of windows 9. The official version of windows 9 will be released next year.

This conference will be mainly aimed at enterprise users. Microsoft will hold several windows 9 press conferences for different user groups. The press conference on September 30 was the first of them.