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Bill Gates turned to the thinnest condom in the world. What are the misunderstandings you don't know

After Ma Yun Alibaba went public, Microsoft Bill Gates invested in the research and development of the world's thinnest condom. Netizens can't help but wonder if Ma Yun forced Bill Gates to sell condoms. Of course, it's just a joke. Condom has become the most popular and safest contraceptive method for young men and women. It is affectionately called "umbrella" by many male friends. As an effective means of contraception and AIDS prevention, condom is indispensable in our daily life, especially for young couples.

it is reported that Microsoft founder Bill Gates said on the 19th that he was sponsoring the development of thin, skin like condoms by companies and inventors. The world's thinnest condom is expected to be available next year. Don't make fun of and look down on the world's thinnest condom. The value of inventing the thinnest condom in a world where there is no sense of existence may be no less valuable than inventing a new computer graphics operating system. The world's thinnest condom improves pleasure, reduces disease and helps control the population. This can not be denied by gates. In daily life, many men are willing to choose the world's thinnest condom to bring closer and more intimate feelings. So, the thinner the condom, the better?

It is reported that Gates provided us $100 thousand sponsorship to the Universityof Manchester in the UK to develop condoms using Graphene, an ultra light conductive material. Gates also offered $100000 to the University of Oregon, which plans to make condoms out of polyurethanes, less than half the thinnest condom on the market. The purpose of developing the next generation of condoms is to encourage partners to be more willing to use condoms. In addition to facilitating contraception, it is also conducive to reducing the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV.

So, the thinner the condom, the better? What are the pitfalls?

Of course, the answer is No. the choice of condom should be based on different situations and needs of different people. For example, patients with premature ejaculation wear a certain thickness of condom can delay ejaculation, make sexual life longer, therefore, hospital experts recommend patients with functional premature ejaculation, do not choose ultra-thin condoms, can be appropriate to choose a certain thickness of condoms, such as thin or ordinary, conducive to control ejaculation, prolong sexual life time, improve the quality of sexual life; If after a period of time, premature ejaculation is still not improved, it should be timely to the hospital for examination and treatment. So I hope Bill Gates can develop the thinnest condom in the world next year, which is a good thing for couples who have strict sexual experience!