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Meizu new product launch MX4 arrogant posture no longer dazzling local tyrant gold debut MX4 price 2

There is less than 20 minutes left. This afternoon, Meizu's new generation product launch will launch Meizu MX4. According to the latest information, Meizu MX4 will be added with local tyrant gold version. It seems that Meizu, which has always been arrogant and charming, has begun to enter the ranks of local Haojin. What is the selling price of Meizu MX4?

according to the appearance of Meizu MX4 recently exposed by microblog users, Meizu MX4 has three colors, and there are local gold to choose from. Another well-known person in the science and technology Circle @ Internet disclosed yesterday night that the price of Meizu MX4 was 2199 yuan, but the message was deleted from the microblog shortly afterwards.

From the exposure picture, Meizu MX4 will be equipped with local tyrant gold, the golden version is very beautiful and eye-catching. In addition, Meizu MX4 will be purchased by appointment.

Previously, Huang said: 'the MX4 is not going to make money. We are now using financing to expand the scale, scale the development of Internet services, Internet services to promote the company's shares, so that shareholders and employees get returns. '

The appearance and configuration of MX4 have been widely exposed on the network, including the continuation of MX3's modeling style, the new mt6595 processor of MediaTek and 20.7 million pixels.

Meizu will hold a press conference at 2pm today, at which time Meizu MX4 and the new flyme 4.0 system will be released. In fact, for college students and the civilian class, if the economic strength is not particularly strong, in fact, the Meizu MX4 is also a model worthy of recommendation, so that you will not have an embarrassing encounter with Xiaomi on the street!