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Apple 6 is the first American black girl to launch iPhone 6

Apple mobile phones, which have always been straight and square, may have to go through a return. The mellow figure of Apple 6 will look back on the iPhone 3S. Recently, an American black girl has really exposed the true face of Apple 6. It's not too much to call it the official launch of iPhone 6. It's just because the experts are in the folk.

Recently, an American black girl who looks like Obama has revealed the true face of Apple 6 in her tweets, making countless netizens guess its true identity. Maybe her parents were Apple executives, or did she have a connection with Hewlett Packard or foxconn? Or was this a fake iPhone 6? You think the most likely one is that? Netizens have not been surprised to answer the questions about the first photos of Apple 6.

@Fate 8535387: has China's cottage machine migrated to African tribes?

@LX empty city silence: Chinese machine is pirated! Apple plays plagiarism.

@Wandering in the empty city: never mind who got it first! You are not made by Foxconn in China? She was the first to get it? Who produced it and who packed it for you? You're kidding! Can you be earlier than Foxconn workers?

Duke-wang 12138: poor little high school student. I bought a Chinese copycat and thought I used 6.