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Meizu MX3 copies Xiaomi's old road, reduces price by 1599 yuan in summer, arrogant and coquettish po

Meizu MX3, after being reserved for a long time, has finally continued Xiaomi's old way. The price of 16GB is 1599 yuan again. Compared with 1499 yuan of Xiaomi 3, it seems that Meizu MX3 is still in a proud posture. Even if it is more than 100 yuan, it seems that it is showing the difference between Xiaomi and Meizu!

As we all know, the mobile phone market in the second half of the year is bound to be more lively. No matter Apple's iPhone 6, Samsung's note 4, or domestic brands such as Xiaomi and Meizu have attracted much attention. At 10:07 a.m. on July 14, the official microblog of Meizu announced that the price of MX3 would be lowered, of which the price of 16GB version was only 1599 yuan.

In just three months, Meizu has lowered the price of MX3 several times, and this is a summer promotion. Think about it. It's a bit like the movie market. The competition in summer is always so fierce. According to the official information, the price of Meizu MX3 will be adjusted from now on, and the price of 16GB / 32GB / 64GB / 128GB versions will be 1599 yuan / 1799 yuan / 2199 yuan / 2999 yuan respectively.

I thought Meizu could be the leading brand in domestic aircraft, and it would not be in collusion with Xiaomi. However, the sales promotion mode of Xiaomi starvation marketing has already forced Meizu. I hope this is the last time to reduce the price, otherwise the kerosene will probably vomit blood!

In the final analysis, Meizu is still following Xiaomi's old marketing model, and may also be in the final competition with Xiaomi 4's new product launch on July 22!