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Sihai news: XP challenge platform to meet 200 hackers' Challenge

On the morning of April 5, it was reported that computer housekeeper became the first XP security protection product to be broken by hackers in China's first security network attack and defense Competition 'XP challenge' held today. Only one minute from the start of the competition, two hackers have already broken Tencent's computer housekeeper.

The final report released by the competition showed that there were 32 people challenging and 9 breaking. There are 39 people in Jinshan to challenge and 13 to break through. 360, a total of 30 people to challenge, no one to break, become the only winning security software.

China's first network attack and defense Competition 'XP challenge platform' starts. 360 mobile phone guard XP shield, Jinshan poison bully XP shield and Tencent computer Manager XP exclusive version will face the challenge of more than 200 hackers around the world. About one minute after the game began, Tencent computer housekeeper and Jinshan drug bully were attacked by hackers one after another, while 360 security guards were not shaken temporarily. Chen Liang, a security expert who has been paying close attention to the event and director of the Great Wall key security laboratory, said it was inevitable that Tencent and Jinshan could not resist hacker attacks.

XP challenge platform meets more than 200 hackers around the world

On the current results, Chen Liang thinks: Jinshan's technical strength is not as good as before due to the loss of personnel; Tencent, after all, started as a social application, and its accumulation and precipitation in the field of security is not enough. 360 has been focusing on the security field, especially in the operating system level security protection has rich experience. Therefore, in this challenge, 360 security guards with the strongest comprehensive ability can temporarily resist hacker attacks, which is not surprising.

At present, the competition is still in progress. It is reported that the 'XP challenge platform' has set up a huge bonus, and the top 10 challengers who can break any XP protection product as soon as possible can get a bonus ranging from 3000 yuan to 50000 yuan. The fastest time to break all three types of protective products will also receive an extra 50000 yuan 'home run' special award.

The sponsor of XP challenge platform, hetianzhihui, the company's large-scale online open experiment (mooe) platform, has been adopted in computer network teaching.

Netizens query: XP challenge platform how does not Baidu antivirus as a hacker attack test object?

Sihai net friend small sweet: Baidu anti-virus advertising is very much, has been said to be very easy to use, I also use Baidu antivirus. Baidu anti-virus is not on the list of attacks, too outdated? According to Sihai science and technology editor learned from the inside, after the results of XP challenge platform were published on the Internet, the download volume of 360 security guards increased by 30% year-on-year in a short period of time. In fact, good use, safe, standard products, users' eyes are the most discerning, easy to use, do not use, Pro has the final say!