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Tencent shares in Xiaomi infuriates Lei Jun microblog clarifies that millet car millet soap is rumor

With the popularity of Xiaomi's mobile phone, rumors about Xiaomi's official website are also abnormal. One is that Lei Jun wants to produce Xiaomi cars, the other is that Tencent shares Xiaomi. What's more, Xiaomi wants to make soap. Whether it's true or not, Lei Jun said on microblog that he was helpless and refused to clarify one by one, but Xiaomi automobile and Tencent's shares in Xiaomi are definitely rumors.

On the 27th, rumors of Tencent's stake in Xiaomi broke out again after Xiaomi automobile was added to the microblog, saying that Tencent would cooperate with Xiaomi with a huge sum of money, which made Lei Jun, the elder brother of Xiaomi's official website, intolerable. He could only make a statement on his microblog on the 27th, saying that Tencent's stake in Xiaomi was a rumor.

Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi's official website, didn't seem to be satisfied with the clarification. At about 9:30 a.m. on March 28, Lei Jun published a microblog, killing all rumors about Xiaomi's car, millet soap and Tencent's stake in Xiaomi, saying they were all rumors.