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Iridium go, the router that turns satellite signals into WiFi, has mobile communications everywhere

If you need to travel to areas with poor wireless signal, such as remote areas or tourism suburbs, or areas with poor wireless signal, perhaps you are most worried about the lack of mobile phone network coverage?

Four seas network recently learned that an American company has produced a router that can turn communication satellite signals into mobile wifi. With this router, you can keep in touch with the outside world even if you are in the center of the ocean, in the desert, in the mountains or in the jungle.

Routers that turn satellite signals into WiFi can also pick up and make calls at the top of the mountain

It is said that this router, named iridium go, can turn satellite signals into mobile wifi hotspots. When using, it only needs to erect its small antenna in the open air to connect with the satellite. The router can transform the signal into WiFi hotspot, which can be used by five intelligent devices within 100 feet (about 30.48 meters) at the same time, but the device must be installed with special programs.

Communication satellite signal into mobile wifi router

Since this router is not designed to provide pleasure, compared with the current popular broadband network, the transmission speed is like tortoise speed. But it can withstand the harsh environment, so that users can keep communication with the outside world in any corner.