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Samaras, a famous American Wind chaser, was the first to get the inside image of a tornado

Tim Samaras, the famous American Wind chaser, died in an accident while chasing a tornado on Friday. In this disaster, Samaras and another fan Carl young and his son Paul were killed together. In memory of this brave man who is unyielding to explore nature, let's take a look at their great achievements in life!

Death of the wind chaser

Samaras himself is an engineer, and his most well-known achievement is that the equipment he designed was the first to get images of the tornado's interior. Just last month, in an interview with national geographic of the United States, Samaras said: 'we still don't know why some thunderstorm systems generate tornadoes, while others don't. He said: 'we are trying to collect as many observations as possible, both from the outside and inside of the tornado. '

The window reflects the weather map displayed on the notebook in the car. Under the guidance of the navigation system, Samaras is driving towards the death hurricane. He hopes the trip will make him the first photographer in the world to capture a flash of lightning triggered by a hurricane.

New Mexico is close to Los Lunas, a huge lightning bolt from the cloud to the ground. Samaras and his companions drove all the way after the huge hurricane system, until there was no way to go, and then watched the giant slowly leave. New Mexico's sparse road network makes it difficult to track hurricane lightning. A better alternative would be to use the crisscross field trails in New Mexico and Oklahoma.