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IPhone 6's configuration on Apple's official website

Apple iPhone 6 concept machine

Apple's official website iPhone 6 configuration guess Apple iPhone 6 concept machine preview! Apple iPhone 6 million people look forward to, before Apple iPhone 6 comes out, have a look at the exposed Apple iPhone 6 concept machine, have a good time!

A lot of news about Apple's iPhone 6 previously exposed pointed out that it would adopt a hybrid design similar to the iPad air and iPhone. At present, a foreign designer has designed an Apple iPhone 6 concept machine and produced a concept video.

IPhone 6 concept 2014 - concept video

The iPhone 6 concept machine uses a 4.5-inch screen, which is also available in three colors: black, white and champagne gold. The exterior design abandons the angular style of the iPhone 5S and adopts the rounded border design of the iPad air. The whole fuselage looks very slim.

In terms of the overall shape, the current Apple iPhone 5C is somewhat similar to this contour. I wonder if there will be an upgraded version of iPhone 5C in the future, it will adopt similar metal design.