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Interview of the two sessions of the Chinese people's Congress of the people's Republic of China and

Google glasses has become so popular recently that even reporters from the NPC and CPPCC sessions wear it as an interview artifact. This expensive interview artifact is expected to be released in April 2014. In short, it is smart Google glasses equipped with Android mobile phone system. Today, we will explain the functions of Google glasses in detail through the propaganda video.

What exactly is Google glasses

It seems that the interview artifact Google glasses is a kind of electronic intelligent glasses equipped with Android system of mobile phone. The device has been developed since 2012 and belongs to the project glass project. It has a fashionable appearance and is very convenient to use.

What is the function of Google glasses

Let's talk about the functions of Google glasses and how they are powerful enough to become an interview artifact. By interviewing the propaganda film of Shenqi Google glasses, we can find that Google glasses skillfully combines GPS, camera, photo taking, mobile phone functions and Android system. It can not only surf the Internet, but also take photos and take photos. The most important thing is that it is very light to use. As long as you touch the eyeglass frame, you can complete all the hype of Google glasses We are definitely interviewing artifact.

Interview artifact and artifact Google glasses is really expensive. When will it be listed in China?

This new product, which has been developed by Google for two years, actually started to release the concept machine for trial use as early as June 2013. Meanwhile, according to official information, it is expected to interview the artifact around April 2014, and Google glasses will be officially put on sale in the United States.

However, according to the survey of relevant websites in the United States, more than 40% of netizens said they were not willing to buy Google glasses for interview artifact. At the same time, they also said that the $1500 price of Google glasses for interview artifact was a little expensive. After watching the promotional video of Google glasses, more extreme netizens said that the function and design of Google glasses for interview artifact was worth up to $200.