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How to pay by wechat? It's free to take a taxi

Although didi taxi software has been popular, and even off the shelf trend, but for the economy slightly backward and underdeveloped third and fourth tier cities, we should seize the last opportunity quickly! Will you pay didi fee by wechat? Now use didi taxi wechat payment can also be reduced by 10 yuan Oh, everyone, come and try it~

Step 1: log in to wechat, enter my tag, select my bank card, you can see the didi taxi service, and choose to enter the didi taxi page.

Step 2: on the didi taxi page, you can see the number of taxis nearby and their location. Enter your destination where you want to go, select the tip you want to pay, and click call now.

Step 3: after a successful call, the driver's name, taxi company, license plate number, location, estimated waiting time and other information will be displayed. If no driver receives the order within a certain period of time, the user will be prompted to place an order again.

Step 4: after you get on the bus and arrive at the destination, the driver will input the taxi fee at the driver's end, select wechat payment, and immediately reduce 10 yuan, and the input confirmation box will pop up.

Step 5. The pop-up box shows the taxi fare and payment method. Select wechat payment and input the payment password in turn to complete the taxi.

The steps are a little cumbersome. You can practice several times according to the tutorial.