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Beijing 4G network charges expected to be lowered, 4G network speed instability, the highest complai

Some time ago, many people have been deterred by the high price of 4G, which has had a huge impact on mobile. According to the latest news, mobile 4G tariff is expected to be reduced next month.

'4G charges are high, and when you wake up, the house belongs to mobile. The 4G' house affair 'caused by' mobile 'worries China Mobile. According to Beijing Mobile yesterday, 4G was launched on February 17 for more than 100 days. Beijing Mobile launched preferential activities covering tariff, terminals, services and other aspects, as well as iPhone contract machine.

Mobile iPhone contract price cut

The activity lasted from February 17 to 28. During the 4G 100 day event, Beijing Mobile's terminals on sale are all preferential. The mobile version of iPhone 5S (16g) that used to cost 558 yuan a month to get it for free now only needs to promise to spend 388 yuan per month. Other 4G smart machines also have preferential contract schemes.

In terms of tariff, Beijing Mobile's 4G package content has been upgraded. The online package and business travel package have been upgraded from the original only for global communication customers to covering all brand users. In addition, the company also gives additional local 4G traffic ranging from 100MB to 7GB every month, with a maximum of 84gb for 12 months, with an average cost of 0.025 yuan / MB.

According to the disclosure, at present, one million users of Beijing Mobile have replaced their 4G cards, and the number of 4G active users is 100000 every day.

4G tariff expected to be lowered next month

Recently, the State Council issued the "decision of the State Council on the cancellation and decentralization of a number of administrative examination and approval projects". Among the 64 administrative examination and approval projects and 18 sub projects, the provisions on the cancellation of the examination and approval of basic telecommunication service tariff standards are included. As soon as this news came out, it immediately attracted the attention of the industry and called for the arrival of the era of sharp drop in tariff.

Yesterday, Liu Dianfeng, deputy general manager of Beijing Mobile, said in an interview with the media that the issuance of the approval right of telecom service tariff standards will indeed lead to tariff reduction. Among them, the 4G tariff of Beijing Mobile is expected to be further reduced in March this year.

The instability of 4G network speed is also a problem with high complaint rate. Beijing Mobile said that in the past 100 days, the number of 4G base stations of Beijing Mobile has increased by 300%; the network coverage is more extensive. Now, the 4G network of Beijing Mobile has achieved basic coverage within the Fifth Ring Road, Shijingshan, Yizhuang, Tiantongyuan, yuanboyuan, etc.; the main urban areas of suburban counties and 57 towns have also achieved basic coverage.