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The latest spy photos of Samsung Galaxy S5 are not so innovative, and the appearance seems to be squ

For senior Samsung fans, is the galaxy S5 coming into being? According to the spy photos of network explosion, Samsung Geshi series screens seem to be getting bigger and bigger, and tend to be ultra-thin!

on the morning of February 16, Beijing time, insiders predict that Samsung will release its new flagship mobile phone Galaxy S5 at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona this month. Some pictures released this week on the move player website show that the hardware design of the galaxy S5 will be slightly adjusted and the overall design will be more modern.

Move player has previously accurately reported the changes of Samsung's new products. This exposure shows that the galaxy S5 has a more square look. In addition, the phone will be thinner and the screen will take up a larger area on the front of the phone. Samsung's goal is to upgrade its hardware as well as its software. Previously, the appearance of the galaxy S4 was very similar to that of the galaxy S3, while Samsung planned to make the galaxy S5 different.

However, this design is somewhat similar to the nexus 5. Although Samsung has reduced the hardware buttons on the front, its thinner size and square appearance are similar to LG's products.