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Google now updates new features with just a password to call

Google now has the latest update function. If you want to call your relatives and friends, you can just use language control to call the people you need, but it's similar to voice control function!

according to foreign media reported on February 11, Google now has updated its functions. If you want to call your mother, just say 'call your mother', and Google now can call as you like.

Just by launching Google now, with the microphone, you can simply give instructions and it will execute. In many cases, it's not convenient for us to search the address book or to think about it. This function is very convenient.

It's easy for us as human beings, but what if Google doesn't know who your mother is? It's not a problem for Google. If it doesn't know who you want to contact, it will automatically pop up a card for you to choose the object to perform the task, and default memory. The next time you want to dial the same person's number, you can find the right person directly.

After trial, we found that it has insufficient functions when working with family groups. We tried to order 'call mother-in-law', but it didn't work. Other instructions such as' call the boss' work well. It's probably just a feature of its first iteration, so future updates may solve the problem.