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Bad mood probe to look at the sky: have you seen the plane cloud in a hundred years?

What is an airplane cloud? Have you seen such a rare sight? Look at the sky when you are in a bad mood. Maybe you will find something new. A British Amateur Photographer recently photographed a rare 'plane cloud' near his home. It looks like a plane flying to the sky from a distance, but after a careful look, it turned out to be a 'big floating cloud' like an airplane.

Aircraft cloud, also known as condensation end, is a kind of cirrus cloud formed by condensed water vapor discharged from aircraft engine. When hot engine exhaust gases cool in the air, they may condense into a cloud of tiny water droplets. If the air temperature is low enough, aircraft clouds may also be made of tiny ice crystals.

However, most of the common aircraft clouds are long clouds formed after the aircraft flies. This' aircraft cloud 'with high similarity to the general aircraft can be said to be very rare.