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Five great ideas about windows 9 features: pure desktop

When you are still exploring new functions for the systematization of Windows 8, you don't know how much you know about windows 9, because Microsoft's windows 9 plan is also in preparation? What characteristics do you think it should have? Now there are rumors about Microsoft's windows 9 operating system. For this system, Adrian covert, a columnist of CNNMoney technology, thinks that it should have five major features.

1. More flexible layout

Windows 8's' shortcuts' are basically the same as those in the desktop mode of the old windows operating system. Fast gadgets make tablets more efficient, allowing users to switch back and forth between windows, but there is still a lot of room for improvement.

Modify the tool to a small icon that can be arranged according to the edge of the grid, so that users can switch between applications more smoothly. It enables applications to switch back and forth between full screen modes quickly, and makes windows system layout more open.

2. Desktop only mode:

Although Windows 8's Collage design is suitable for standard laptops, it is still not the best choice for efficiency tasks, especially on desktops. There are quite a lot of applications can only run in desktop mode. The switch between porcelain paste interface of Windows 8 operating system and desktop mode is a little stiff, which also leaves a bad impression on many users.

In Windows 9, users will be able to run 'modern' applications in a single window in desktop mode, said Paul thurrott, a Microsoft observer and founder of winsupersite, an American technology blog. If Microsoft allows users to lock their computers in desktop mode, the windows laptop experience will become more consistent.

Microsoft shouldn't abandon the start menu, but some users don't really need it.

3. More touch pad compatible standards:

The touch pad of every Windows 8 device seems to be different, so the click and gesture operations of each touch pad are different. For example, on some devices, to unlock the main screen, you need to slide on the touchpad, and some need to click. As for touchpad, the best thing is that the gesture operation of Windows 8 system can be as intuitive and fast as touch screen, such as Logitech's Windows 8 peripheral touchpad; the worst thing is that gesture operation makes people crazy, such as Microsoft Surface tablet.

If the next generation of windows can standardize the touchpad experience,

4. Better display processing:

One of the biggest problems Windows 8 faces is inconsistent display settings. If the PC is connected to a display with a larger screen and higher resolution, it will look good in the porcelain paste mode, and it will not look good in the desktop mode. The second screen only complicates the situation.

Moreover, this setting is used by PC manufacturers before you consider Ultra HD display. Even if you try to find the best balance, there are still some settings that will often revert to the default settings.

If Microsoft really wants its customers to love the new ways of using windows, it must have a high level of display in any mode or device.

5. Stronger interaction with Windows Phone and Xbox:

Windows 8 system, Windows Phone 8 mobile operating system and Xbox one platform are all built on the same foundation. They use the same set of services and programs, and these commonalities should be glued together like glue to each product using these programs. However, the experience overlap between these devices is not high.

Users buy a Windows Phone app, but they can't get the corresponding windows app automatically. Skype calls made by users on their computers cannot be pushed to mobile phones. Although users can push streaming video from Windows 8 devices to Xbox, this function is not reliable and mature.

In fact, multiplayer games can be played simultaneously between mobile phones, tablets, computers and game consoles. In this regard, Microsoft should be said to have an absolute advantage, but at present, this is only to think about.

It should be the key research direction of windows system in the future to be able to intuitively share media or transfer tasks between devices. These five latest ideas about windows 9 system also solve your unhappiness when using the computer. In the pursuit of science, you will always be surprised!