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45 routes of Spring Festival transportation are subject to price increase

the Spring Festival freight of 45 routes was increased, and they went to the severely affected area of Guangcheng in the north. According to the civil aviation industry, the agent had no right to increase the price. The lawyer pointed out that the increase violated the price law.

Guangzhou fly Sanya, on January 30, the economy class fare is 2600 yuan, 225% more than the airline's full price; Beijing fly Chengdu, on January 29, the economy class fare is 4440 yuan, 208% more than the airline's full price; Shanghai fly Wuhan, on January 30, the economy class fare is 1905 yuan, 114% more than the airline's full price & hellip & hellip;

Homesickness is a small ticket. I'm here and my hometown is there. This is the small ticket. It's too expensive on some routes.

Recently, the daily economic news sent multiple reporters to investigate the ticket prices of 86 direct flights during the Spring Festival. The reporter found that 45 routes were greatly increased by agents, including: Guangzhou departure, 13 routes increased price sales! Beijing, 9 routes increased price! Shanghai, 9 increased price! Hangzhou, 8! Chengdu, 6!

In addition, because some popular airline economy class tickets have already been snapped up, passengers can only buy high price tickets, and the ticket with high price has three characteristics: multi flight, large area and high range.

Some agents are charging aggressively

The survey covers 86 popular tourist and return routes from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Hangzhou. During the period from January 10 to January 16, the reporter of the daily economic news irregularly checked the peak of the Spring Festival transportation, namely the routes on January 29 (the 29th day of the Lunar New Year), January 30 (the new year's Eve) and January 31 (the first day of the Lunar New year). It was found that as many as 45 routes had different degree of price increase, and the phenomenon of price increase was common in each period of the day. In a survey conducted on January 13, it was found that all 14 flights from Shanghai to Sanya on January 31 were subject to price increases.

Among the major tourist destinations, high-priced tickets are on sale from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou to Haikou, Sanya, Kunming and Lijiang, among which Haikou and Sanya are the most serious. Among the return routes, the route from Shanghai to Wuhan is the route with Shanghai as the departure place with the largest price increase. On January 29 and 30, qunar (28.99, - 0.14, - 0.48%) online agent named "tonghangtianxia" raised the price of economy class air ticket of China Eastern Airlines flight mu2642 to 1905 yuan, with a price increase of 114%, which is equivalent to 1015 yuan on the basis of the full price, and the price is the price of naked ticket without any other additional services.

Among the 45 routes with price hikes, a few hundred yuan will be added, and a few thousand yuan will be added. Among them, the reporter found in the early morning of January 15 that the full price of China Southern Airlines flight cz6161 from Beijing to Chengdu on January 29 was 1440 yuan, while the agent quoted up to 4440 yuan.

According to the online data of qunar, among the flights from Guangzhou to Nanchang, the price increase on January 30 is the most obvious. Take Hainan Airlines hu7343 as an example, click the ticket booking button, the page shows that the prices given by multiple agents are all higher than the full price of economy class of 730 yuan, and all 12 agents have increased the prices, among which the agent with the most 'increase' is Xinhai business travel network. The agent directly gives the price of 1930 yuan, and the next button shows the booking status. When the reporter clicks in, a pop-up window pops up in the middle of the screen, indicating that "you are purchasing special ticket products, and the sales price is much higher than the face price (full economy class price).". On the order page, there is also a statement: 'this ticket is an applied economy class ticket (please do not place repeated orders). If you need to reimburse the price of the actual itinerary bill, the price will be lower than the payment price, and an air service receipt will be issued for the difference. If there is a need for full refund of flight changes, the difference is non refundable & hellip; & hellip; '

Industry: the agent has no right to increase the price

As for the price increase phenomenon investigated by the reporter, the civil aviation industry insiders pointed out that generally speaking, air ticket agents and airlines will sign a two-way agreement. Agents sell air tickets on behalf of airlines. The profit comes from the agency commission between the purchase price and the face price of airlines. Agents have no right to increase the price on the basis of the face price.

In response to the behavior of ticket agents selling tickets at a higher price than the full price, many lawyers told the reporter of "daily economic news" that, in addition to violating the relevant provisions of the Civil Aviation Administration, it also violates the relevant laws such as the price law. The competent price department has the right to investigate and punish the price violations, and impose penalties such as fines, suspension of business for rectification. The agents bear the corresponding administrative responsibility Ren.

For the products issued on related websites before purchase, such as: what you choose is a special ticket product, the sales price is higher than the face price (full economy class price) and 'this ticket is economy class, please note that If the face price is lower than the payment price, if the ticket is refunded, the itinerary sheet or invoice is not provided, the passenger who needs to be reimbursed should purchase carefully. When the order is generated and paid, it means that you have agreed to the exemption statement such as "Regulations on this ticket". Many lawyers pointed out that the The behavior of selling beyond the price itself has violated the laws such as the price law and the consumer rights and interests protection law. Therefore, the above tips can not change the consequences of its violation, nor can they exempt from liability. However, according to Article 52 (5) of the contract law, a contract that violates the mandatory provisions of laws and administrative regulations is invalid.

90% of tickets issued by agents

From the perspective of the current civil aviation ticket sales channels, it is mainly divided into three categories: the first category is airline direct sales, the second category is agent BSP ticket issuance, and the third category is airline B2B sales through agents. The latter two belong to agent distribution. According to UBS Securities Research Report, at present, the proportion of tickets sold by domestic airlines through agents is about 90%, and the proportion of direct sales is only 10%.

According to iResearch statistics, in 2012, the market share of online tickets in the whole ticket market was about 21.2%. In this survey, in addition to the research and sampling of, which is famous for selling low-cost air tickets, Ctrip (41.15, 0.81, 2.01%) and Taobao travel, a new tourism platform, are also included in the survey. Ctrip occupies 14.6% of the market in the volume of tickets, while Taobao's travel relies on Taobao and Alipay's massive registered users. In addition, the online travel website of tengbang International (300178, SZ) has also become the subject of reporter survey and sampling.

As a benchmark for price comparison, the reporter selected Xintianyou, jointly organized by air transport association and China aviation information, which not only provides ticket verification services, but also captures the ticket prices on the official websites of airlines in real time and keeps updating. The reporter also consulted the airlines through the relevant official website data, telephone interviews and discounted ticket prices, so as to ensure the accuracy of the full price ticket price of economy class.

At the time and within the scope of the survey sampling, on several websites sampled by journalists, only was found to have a price increase, but there is no guarantee that other websites or the above websites have similar situations in other periods.

Original title: is exposed that the agent selling the increased fare ticket has become a scalper or is illegal