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More than 200000 downloads of mobile phone 12306 on the first day, and the Internet speed of buying

Every year's Spring Festival for the migrant workers, it is absolutely a ticket! But recently, the 12306 mobile phone client launched by the railway department can also buy train tickets online! From now on, you can buy train tickets with your mobile phone. "Yesterday, the railway 12306 mobile phone client officially appeared. It's inconvenient and not smooth to use it to buy train tickets. Does the" ticket grabbing "function of the new 12306 cover? With these questions, our reporter experienced a process of buying train tickets by mobile phone.

How to get the client: 12306 website scan QR code

Since yesterday, 12306 mobile edition is free for passengers to download and use. Android mobile users can directly download 12306 from The website is downloaded by QR code scanning, and users of Apple mobile phone can download it from the 'app store' of Apple App store.

The reporter noted that the icon of the mobile phone version 12306, which has been successfully downloaded and installed, is blue and white, with a red Chinese railway road emblem on the top and the word "China Railway" on the bottom.

Click to enter, you can see the words "China Railway Customer Service Center". As can be seen from the small print below, the copyright belongs to China Railway Customer Service Center, and the technical support party is China Railway Research Institute and China Railway Technology Co., Ltd. At present, the version number of mobile 12306 is 1.2 (trial run version).

Whether it is easy to operate: smooth operation but not 'ticket grabbing'

The functions of mobile 12306 are simple and practical, including ticket booking, order inquiry, my 12306 and more functions.

For everyone, the most commonly used is' ticket booking '. There are two ways to buy tickets, one-way and round-trip. Passengers only need to choose the departure place, destination, departure date and seat. The reporter also noted that there are two options: ordinary ticket and student ticket.

After filling in the information, you can submit it with, and then pay for it to get the ticket. The reporter felt that the whole process was quite smooth and there was no server failure. However, compared with the dynamic refresh, automatic submission and other 'ticket grabbing' services launched by the new 12306 website, the mobile 12306 does not support it.

At present, the mobile 12306 is still in the testing stage, and its performance in special stages such as the Spring Festival games still needs to be seen.

Netizens make complaints about the side.

Yesterday, the app scored three stars in the app store. Some netizens praised and said: 'finally, there is an official app. Those who charge dozens of fees should die. '

However, some netizens said: 'I've been looking forward to it for a long time, but the Internet speed is so slow, the card. 'netizens said that the fluency of the application was too poor and rigid, hoping to improve. More netizens are worried about their ability to snatch tickets during the Spring Festival.

According to Wang Mingzhe, deputy researcher of the ticket system monitoring center of the Chinese Academy of Railway Sciences, "the mobile phone client is convenient for passengers to book tickets in off peak hours, and will play a great role in ticket refund and ticket change. In the design of the system, the Academy of Railway Sciences pays attention to the protection of users' privacy, and the overall operation of the system is stable at present. '