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The martial arts dream turned into reality in the past

Many films and TV plays in China have introduced the invisibility cloak, which is the dream of many martial arts people. Now such a dream has been replaced by reality. Professor Zhejiang University led his team to develop the invisibility cloak.

Professor of Zhejiang University develops invisibility cloak

It is the dream of scientists, engineers and technology enthusiasts to create a perfect invisibility 'invisibility cloak'. The research team led by Professor Chen Hongsheng of Zhejiang University is engaged in the mechanism and experimental research of electromagnetic wave 'invisibility cloak'. When electromagnetic wave (including light wave) strikes an object, it will scatter on the object; when the scattered electromagnetic wave is received, it indicates that there is an object there. If we can make the electromagnetic wave 'turn' and walk around the object, then the object can be 'invisible'. The research conducted by Chen Hongsheng's team is based on this idea.

The team proposed a design method of visible light band polygon 'invisibility cloak', which can theoretically achieve the invisibility effect in all directions. In the experiment, they developed a hexagonal cylindrical 'invisibility cloak', which can work in the whole optical band. In addition, the team also produced the microwave segment cylinder stealth device and so on.