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China Central Television calls the M3 mobile phone the fastest mobile news broadcast in the world "o

For Xiaomi, it seems that the influence of this CCTV news broadcast is extraordinary. For those fans who are crazy about Xiaomi's mobile phone, they can finally raise their eyebrows! CCTV calls Xiaomi 3 the fastest domestic smartphone in the world. What do you think?

Xiaomi 3 news broadcast became news. On September 10, CCTV's "news broadcast" announced that the domestic Xiaomi 3 mobile phone recently launched is the fastest smart phone in the world.

The news broadcast on the evening of the 10th gave Xiaomi 3 about 13 seconds, accompanied by the headline of "China's industry launched the fastest smartphone in the world". The commentary content is: China's industry launched the fastest smartphone Xiaomi 3 in the world. This mobile phone adopts the world's most powerful four core smart phone chip, and its main configuration adopts the world's leading hardware.