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The new iPhone is expected to debut on September 10 with the latest IOS 7 system

for Apple fans, every time they talk about Apple's latest products, they will make a stir. It is reported that Apple's new iPhone will debut on September 10, so what are the advantages of this new product compared with the traditional old one?

according to Allthingsd, a technology blog, Apple plans to hold a new product launch on September 10, when the next generation of iPhone will appear.

The launch is crucial for apple, because the iPhone is not only facing the aggressive attack of Samsung, an old competitor, but also its global market share is being eroded by low-cost Android devices.

One of the key issues in this conference is whether Apple will release an iPhone targeting the mid market. According to Apple's normal practice, when Apple releases a new iPhone, it will reduce the price of the old iPhone by $100 to $200. However, there are some rumors that Apple will release a cheap iPhone in the same period.

As for the next iPhone, there is speculation that Apple will upgrade the camera and processor of the iPhone. In addition, Apple may integrate the fingerprint sensor into the new iPhone due to its acquisition of authentec, the fingerprint sensor manufacturer, last year.

Of course, the next iPhone will definitely be equipped with a new IOS 7 operating system, which has been under test since it was released at the apple Developers Conference in June. IOS 7 has greatly changed the interface design style, redesigned the overall appearance, menu and icon, and added new humanized functions, such as improved notification center, better image integration and more developer attachment functions. Do you expect this new generation of apple?