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China Mobile released two mobile phones of its own brand in Beijing today, which are expected to go

On the morning of August 2, China Mobile's own brand mobile phones, which attracted the attention of the media and were questioned by the industry, were released in Beijing. Since then, there has been another brand mobile phone in China's mobile phone market: China Mobile. Will you look forward to China's own brand mobile phones?

Internal understanding, two TD smartphones will be released today. One is BYD's 4-inch screen, priced between 399-599; the other is Hisense's 5-inch screen, priced between 1399-1599.

As early as at the 2012 China mobile developers conference, Li Yue, CEO of China Mobile, once revealed that China Mobile will launch its own brand mobile phones, and the media predicted that it might launch it at the telecom exhibition in Barcelona in February this year. Because China Mobile executives attach great importance to this mobile phone, Li Yue will attend today's launch ceremony and explain why China Mobile makes mobile phones, and the next step is the goal and strategy of China mobile terminal company.

However, in fact, these two mobile phones have been in reserve. The real investment in R & D and production is in April this year. The R & D team, composed of 19 people, has worked overtime for more than 100 days. At present, the product is in the monitoring stage of MIIT, and it is estimated that it will be available in 10-15 days.