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First spy photo of BlackBerry flagship A10 large exposure 5-inch display with low resolution

According to BGR, the first spy photo of BlackBerry's new flagship A10 was revealed today.

Spy photo exposure of BlackBerry's new flagship A10

It is reported that the model of BlackBerry A10 is round and the back design is similar to that of BlackBerry Q10, with a 5-inch super AMOLED display, dual core processor and independent GPU, which will be the largest mobile phone ever owned by BlackBerry.

Screenshot of BlackBerry A10

However, the screen resolution of the BlackBerry A10 is only 1280 & times; 720, which is not enough compared with the current 1080p in Android camp. As can be seen from the screenshot, the aircraft code is Aristo.

According to the previous news, the BlackBerry A10 will be launched this autumn.