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Millet TV back cover photo exposure model l47mi-aa may be released on August 16

Recently, a picture of Xiaomi technology's smart TV packaging came out on Weibo. Today, another picture is released. This exposure is the back cover of the TV. It said the smart TV may be available in August.

Xiaomi company will release a product l47mi-aa, which is another new product of Xiaomi company after Xiaomi mobile phone and Xiaomi box. According to the packing box, it can be seen that it should be smart TV. The size of smart TV is 47 inches, 1080p Full HD screen, supporting Dolby sound effect, DTS, Milian and WLAN. This TV should be released on August 16.

Although the news has not been officially confirmed, a private conversation between Fengzhong fossil, a Sina Weibo account certified as Xiaomi's director of mobile phone product public relations, and the informant was exposed, with the content that the informant is expected to delete the relevant Weibo, which to some extent confirms the existence of Xiaomi TV.

Internet companies march into smart TV

As the fourth screen, smart TV has attracted more and more attention. Traditional TV manufacturers are transforming to smart TV, launching their own smart TV, and Internet companies are also eager to try.

LETV released its smart TV in May (4-core 1.7GHz, X60 costs 6999 yuan, while the popular product S40 costs 1999 yuan. )Jia Yueting, CEO of LETV, invited many partners, including executives from sharp, Qualcomm, Foxconn, CNTV and Innovation workshop to serve as its platform, and at the conference, he threw out 'super TV = Super configuration + LETV UI system with extreme experience + LETV produced for large screen The business model of "store + China's most comprehensive film and television library + Super cloud video platform = complete ecosystem of large screen" has brought more impact to traditional TV manufacturers than just price.

Intelligent TV appeared after the concept of Internet TV, and domestic TV enterprises have implemented it for a period of time. However, there seems to be a lack of a tipping point in the field of intelligent TV. According to Zhang Peng, editor in chief of business value, what is missing in the whole industry is not someone, but the lack of awareness of the mission of intelligent TV as a scientific and technological innovation. This confusion in the level of technological philosophy makes the vast majority of industry forces go in a wrong direction.

There are huge opportunities in the smart TV market. With the emergence of Xiaomi TV, this is a new signal. More and more Internet manufacturers will begin to test the smart TV. Just like Internet manufacturers disrupting smart phones, both LETV and Xiaomi are just the beginning, and more smart TV will emerge.

Xiaomi technology's products always go through marketing channels to get people's attention. This time, I'm afraid that smart TV is no exception. Who can be sure that this is not hype?