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SunPower solar powered aircraft broke another record, flying across the United States in 21 hours

According to reports, the hb-sla, a US solar powered aircraft, successfully crossed the west coast to the east coast of the US on April 4, marking its third flight. According to the report, the 100% pure California fresh fruit orange sun powered plane took only 21 hours and 22 minutes from Dallas to St. Louis. Breaking the solar powered aircraft flight record!

The hb-sla is designed with the same arm span as the Airbus A340, but weighs only 1.6 tons. It landed at Lambert St Louis International Airport at 1:28 a.m. local time (6:28 GMT).

The fourth departure will be to Washington DC in a few weeks.

The 'cross America' operation, organized by two Swiss Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg, has broken the pilot's own longest flight record.

During the third stop, there were many overcast days. The plane spent most of the time flying under thick clouds, but the battery was still charging.

The total length of the trip is 10140 km (560 nm), from Dallas to St. Louis, with an average speed of 49 km / h

The following are the specific dimensions of the aircraft:

The Solar Impulse HB-SIA

Wingspan: 63 m (208 ft)

Weight: 1.6 tons (3500 pounds)

Totally 11628 solar cells

Carrying 400 kg (900 lb) lithium battery

Ultimate cruising altitude: 8500 m (28000 ft)

The sunshine power team has built a temporary hangar in St. Louis. The area has recently been hit by storms that have damaged previously prepared hangars. The staff set up a temporary inflatable warehouse in the local area.

It's also the first solar aircraft project to cross the entire continental United States.

However, this is just the prelude to Piccard and Borschberg's entire flight plan. In 2015, its team will try to fly across the ocean or even around the world.

The solar powered plane was built in 2011 and completed its first intercontinental flight in 2012.

The first stop of the plane was between San Francisco and San Francisco, Phoenix. It took 18 hours to fly in early May. The second stop is from Phoenix to Dallas in late May, with a distance of 1541 kilometers, breaking the solar powered aircraft's endurance record at that time.

The initiative aims to promote the clean energy generation initiative of Piccard and Mr. Borschberg and encourage more government and enterprise developers to adopt sustainable energy technologies.