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US requires mobile phone manufacturers to deploy anti-theft system to prevent mobile phone theft

Recently, New York state regulators have proposed that mobile operators and mobile phone manufacturers deploy anti-theft systems on mobile phones, but they are not willing to add functions related to mobile phone theft prevention.

It is said that mobile phones using the technology will not work properly. New York Attorney General Eric and San Francisco district attorney George have announced an alliance to prevent cell phone theft. At present, apple, Samsung and Motorola are all included in the cooperation list.

At present, many mobile phone or software manufacturers are developing their own anti-theft methods. However, due to various limitations, the function is not perfect!

Hot comments from netizens:

Hengrui base: more and more mobile phone manufacturers should join in this function!

Xifan hongdougeng: not bad, so that the thief doesn't get the iPhone

Mouth of heaven: is mobile phone anti-theft hopeful~~