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Big screen iPhone 6 goes on sale next year retina ipad Mini comes out in the fourth quarter of this

According to foreign media reports, Citibank said in a report released on Friday that Apple will launch the 4.8-inch iPhone 6 next year, and the ipad Mini with retina display will be available in the fourth quarter of this year.

According to the report, the launch of the iPhone 5S will be delayed for two to four weeks' although it is not ruled out that the iPhone 5S may be launched in September, the supply may be affected. "We expect apple to launch the 4.8-inch iPhone 6 in the first quarter of 2014. '

Apple is expected to release iPad 5, ipad Mini 2 and retina ipad Mini in the second half of 2013, the report said. We believe that the retina ipad Mini will wait until the fourth quarter of 2013 or the first quarter of 2014. The new product will force the ipad Mini 2 to reduce its price (we expect the ipad Mini 2 to be priced at $230-250, compared with the current ipad Mini of $329), which is conducive to Apple's competition in the low-cost tablet market, but may have a negative impact on revenue in the second half of 2013. '

Regarding the iPad 5, the report said: 'we still expect that the iPad 5 will look similar to the ipad Mini, but the latter is lighter and thinner. It is unlikely that Apple will launch the Intel version of the iPad (similar to the surface Pro), because Apple and Intel did not reach an agreement in the negotiation, and the iPad designed with Intel 22 nano chip did not win. We expect that the third quarter of 2013 will be the last production quarter of iPad 2 and iPad 4. '

For the upcoming apple world Developer Conference (WWDC), analysts at Citi said: "Apple will only focus on the upcoming new MacBook in terms of hardware. In addition, we expect WWDC to focus on Apple's native applications, such as spotify style music streaming service and Pandora Style Internet broadcasting service. In addition, it is predicted that Apple will open the API to developers, allowing external factors to affect icloud, maps and Siri, according to the latest public statement of CEO cook.

Although we don't know how accurate these predictions will be, we can only believe that Apple will continue to bring us powerful products! Let's focus on the new Mac experience at WWDC!

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Wang Wei: that's too 2. I've been slapping my mouth again and again. Since the beginning of 3.5, I've been eating Xiang by myself. There are still a group of people supporting me. The fruit powder is really brain damaged.

Funny: where did you put your previous Nokia? Motorola?

Qilu Media Co., Ltd.: ha ha, the fans of a fruit brand who launched a 4-inch screen or more would spray silly B. who would use such a large screen? 3.5 is the most perfect! As a result, the next generation has produced 4.0-inch-4.0-inch-perfect. Now, it is possible for a brand to launch 4.8 under pressure. Some people say that it is a wise strategy for a brand to launch a large screen mobile phone~