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Samsung HTC UK twitter kicks off a fight LG can't bear to fight

According to the latest news in the morning, the British branches of Samsung, HTC and LG, the world's mobile phone manufacturers, clapped bricks at each other on twitter on Friday, turning the competition between products into a battle of words that made fans laugh and cry.

Visiting any website, it is almost possible to see fans of enterprises clapping bricks with each other, and most of the content is arguing about whose product is the best. A lot of people find it intolerable, but rather than stop it, the social media accounts of Samsung, HTC and LG's UK branches even take the initiative to open fire on competitors.

It was started by HTC UK, which added a sentence at the end of its celebration of "2013's hottest mobile phone": "what a pain, @ Samsung mobileuk". Samsung UK later countered by pointing out that it had won three other awards at the same ceremony. HTC then accused SamSung of spending money to hire students as sailors, writing false reviews of competitors' products.

LG UK seems to be in a bit of a hurry. They hang up a picture of Michael winner, a famous British man, with a sentence on it: "honey, calm down, it's just a mobile phone.". '

Hot comments from netizens:

Xuegai's Village: LG's attitude doesn't like it, but it is also in line with its current situation.

Those years_ Pjj is not rapper yet: HTC still has face to fight with Samsung?

Yep firmly believes that the future is very good: the accounts of Samsung and HTC are not official,

Lao Yao: no matter whether Samsung and HTC participate in the official account or not, they all benefit from LG. The planning is good. Now the hardest industry is PR of each company. Every day, the boss forces them to think about free publicity and creativity.

Cat, cat, cat, cat: it's just a kind of humorous marketing method. Is it written as a big water battle to show the lower limit of IQ