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BMW announces that all models in 2014 will integrate Apple Siri voice system

BMW, a well-known German carmaker, recently announced that all its models will integrate Apple's Siri eyes free car voice control system in 2014, according to a well-known US technology blog. IPhone owners will experience the charm of voice assisted driving.

Thanks to the update of BMW iDrive, the BMW integrated mobile interface, Siri will become a standard option for all BMW models in 2014. In addition to the Siri eyes free system, this update will also allow BMW to integrate the Samsung voice control system s-voice drive. At that time, users who buy BMW 2014 model can press the steering wheel control key to activate the voice assisted system, send messages, make calls and use other voice commands through voice.

BMW's new system will also be compatible with Pandora, stitcher, Rhapsody and glympse applications. After BMW iDrive is upgraded to version 4.2, the navigation function will be further improved, and advanced real-time traffic information and other new functions will also be supported.

Apple first demonstrated Siri eyes free last year, when BMW was one of the first automakers to commit to supporting the technology. In addition to BMW, eight other automakers said they would integrate the Siri eyes free system in future models. Since then, Hyundai has joined them in announcing support for Apple's voice assist.

In addition to BMW, this year Chevrolet also launched its first model with a new Siri eyes free built-in - 'Sonic'. IPhone and Siri became the biggest selling points!