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Amazon will release the national version of the Kindle today with a minimum price of 849 yuan

It is confirmed that the Amazon Kindle series of electronic products will be officially launched in China at 4:00 this afternoon. The Kindle e-reader and the kindle fire tablet are sold simultaneously.

In addition to its own website, Amazon also chose Suning as its exclusive online sales channel.

It is reported that the specific product situation is: three Kindle products will be released this afternoon. The WiFi version of the Kindle paperwhite e-reader costs 849 yuan (on Amazon's official website, the price is 119 dollars (with advertising version), 139 dollars (without advertising version), and the price of the Chinese version is not higher than that of the United States); The 16g and 32g kindle fire HD tablets cost 1499 yuan and 1799 yuan, respectively. Will you buy it?

The entry of Amazon Kindle series into the mainland of China will create a new pattern for tablet computer market and e-reader, with great influence and significance!

Hot comments from netizens:

Zeaker: I don't know yet. Hurry up. It's probably better to watch 2. It's more in line with the reading habits of Chinese people. Ha, I can't stand it

YangGuo and Xiaolongnv: actually, I want to buy it, so I often look at it. Looking for the news in Japan, it seems to be more than 800.

Lai Ren_ Rachel: how much money did you have to pay Dangdang to write soft articles? One is kin dle, the other is dle kin in Chinese. You can see who is a fake from the name