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Nokia WP system mobile phone against Android apple in Finland

As Nokia's share of the global smartphone market continues to decline, its WP smartphone has successfully countered in its home country Finland with a market share of 35%. According to the latest data, the WP smart platform supported by Nokia has become the most popular smart platform in Finland.

According to the latest data report from marketvision, the windows phone intelligent platform accounts for 35% of the market sales, while Android and IOS account for 33% and 30% respectively. Finland is a very special market. There is nothing to say to support its own enterprises. At least no matter Nokia's success, it is Finland's pride.

Although Nokia has already had a counterattack in Finland, it faces great challenges in Europe and even in the world. No matter in the face of Android or IOS, the WP supported by Nokia is weak, and we need to work hard. If Microsoft can give some strength, NOKIA's life will not be so awesome.