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Apple's trade in policy to boost iPhone 5 sales

According to reliable news reports, Apple's purchase policy is about to change. It is possible to launch the policy of replacing the old iPhone with the iPhone 5 to promote the sales of new phones. If the purchase method is reasonable, iPhone sales will increase.

People familiar with the matter said that apple this month began to launch a policy of replacing old iPhones with new ones, aiming to promote the upgrading of iPhone 5 for old iPhone users.

This time, apple is working with brightstar Corp, a mobile phone distributor, to promote the renewal program. Brightstar deals with the trade in business for at t and T-Mobile in the United States, as well as other operators and equipment manufacturers. Apple and wireless operators will seek to persuade users to upgrade the latest mobile phones and sell them abroad for profit.

Israel ganot, CEO of gazelle, an online mobile device buyback, said: 'the trade in market is growing fast. '

In the United States, if the user's iPhone 4S and 4 function well, at t can pay up to $200 to buy back the phone, and the customer can buy the entry-level iPhone 5, with this money as the first payment. According to Garnaut's estimate, 20% of smart phone consumers in the United States will buy in the form of old for new this year, compared with 11% in 2011.

Trade in can support sales in mature markets, such as the United States, where many people already own smartphones. Smartphones bought back in the US will be resold to emerging markets, where Apple's share is low. In the United States, resale of old iPhones will not impact the sales of iPhone 5, which is a policy of killing two birds with one stone.