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Xiaomi system app goes online today, far away from the risk of brush machine, bid farewell to the er

Farewell to bricks, Xiaomi system app is online today! Last night, Xiaomi Li Wanqiang announced on his microblog: "in the middle of the night, they are watching farewell to bricks! The MIUI microblog will be released tomorrow!" do you expect Xiaomi app system?

However, the MIUI mentioned by Li Wanqiang is not MIUI V6, but MIUI system app. At the same time, in the video center of Youku Xiaomi company, we also found the video of "farewell to bricks". However, the video still has a password and cannot be watched.

How much do you know about Xiaomi system app? Keep away from the risk of machine brushing

MIUI is worthy of being the best customized system in China. It has been recognized by most people in terms of aesthetics and ease of use. After installing the app, users can experience more than 70% of the features of Xiaomi mobile phone system (MIUI) without reloading the system. It is understood that this app version of Xiaomi system integrates the most core functions of MIUI - desktop, dialing, SMS, contact management and cloud services, etc., and the popular theme stores and app stores of Xiaomi are also included. Therefore, the launch of Xiaomi system app can attract more mobile phone users to become Xiaomi's loyal fans to a certain extent. It seems that the launch of Xiaomi system app can definitely set off a new round of millet purchase boom!