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Red rice notes in April the second round of rush purchase or change the sales model, not competing f

Yesterday, millet red rice notes were sold out within 34 minutes of pre-sale, so many rice noodles were full of expectations for the second round of red rice note rush purchase. According to Xiaomi's official website, the second round will be arranged in April, but the sales mode is likely to be adjusted. Will you look forward to the next change?

According to the relevant page, the second round of delivery of Hongmi note was arranged in April. Interestingly, on the appointment interface of QQ space, Xiaomi company made a slogan of 'not competing for network speed, but trying to kill say no'. In this case, Hongmi note seems to be moving away from the flash buying model and adopting a different sales model. Hongmi note or learn from Hongmi mobile phone sales model

Before that, Hongmi mobile phone had just taken the delivery form of booking one month in advance. I wonder if Hongmi note will learn from Hongmi mobile phone and make some adjustments in the sales situation. In addition, the 2GB version of Hongmi note has officially landed on the relevant pages of the Ministry of industry and information technology. I believe that it should not be too far away from the official sale.

When it comes to why we need to adjust the previous sales model, the reason is not difficult for us to guess. Looking around the current true eight core mobile phone market, the price is basically maintained at around 1000 yuan, and Xiaomi has been hard to open the gap in hardware and price. For a long time, the futures situation has been gradually resisted by people, so in this situation, if Hongmi note wants to continue to write successfully, it must make some adjustments. And the second Xiaomi rush purchase is limited to the users who have made an appointment in the first round. Maybe this is what Xiaomi takes to cultivate his fans. So if you don't grab it in the first round, you should seize the opportunity in the second round! Maybe a lot of people are finally relieved that they don't have to spell the Internet speed again!